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The funfair industry within the United Kingdom, has one of the best safety records of any passenger carrying industry in the country.

A report from the H&SE, the government body responsible amongst other things for ensuring the safety of the public at funfairs in the U.K. contains a lot of statistical evidence which makes heavy reading, but 2 important facts stand out

1 A pessimistic estimate (H&SE description) of the chances of being killed or seriously injured on a funfair ride is 1 in 83 million.

2 You are 12 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured on your way to the fair, than you are once you arrive there.

So does this mean that everything is as good as it can be? No, there is always room for improvement, and only by continued vigilance will this excellent safety record be continued.

On 1st February 2009 the JARM Group of companies, comprising Jason AR Moody Amusements, Candy Floss Crazy, Predator Events Ltd and Christmas Funfairs Ltd., have launched a new scheme entitled SINAS (Safety Is No Accident Scheme), which will be an in depth examination of both the funfair industry and events in general. The idea is not to duplicate the work of existing trade bodies, but rather to look at how current regulations and inspection schemes actually work  when put into practice, rather than the theoretical model of how they are supposed to function. As we work within the traditional funfair industry, and also within the corporate entertainment market, we are uniquely placed to examine the best practice that operators in the two distinct industries employ, as well as failings apparent in either system.

This isn’t intended to be a fixed period of review followed by recommendations and then as is often the case nothing. Instead we are reviewing and analysing on a continually basis, once we identify something that can be improved upon, we will implement it as soon as it is practicable to do so, this way we hope to continually improve upon the already high safety levels we adhere to.

The results of our efforts will be made public on this mini site and be free for any interested parties to download and apply to their own operations. The menu above will provide details of our current plan of action and any results we have achieved or conclusions reached and as results are collated will be available as a pdf download. The menu down the left hand side of the page will give more in depth details of particular areas we are addressing and the menu options will become active and turn red, as and when we deal with that particular field.


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